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Are you a manufacturer or producer of interesting technical products and want to present your product to your customers in a relaxed and professional manner? With the help of animated 3D explainer videos, complex issues can be easily explained. With a short explanatory film, all product advantages can be visualized quickly and in a concentrated manner in a video and guarantee the attention of your customers.

3D explanation videos of technology products

Examples of our best 2D and 3D explainer videos

Take a detailed look at a few examples of the explanatory films that have already been made. Technology can be easily represented in both 2D and 3D style.

Consulting for 3D explainer videos

Free initial consultation for your 3D explainer video

Are you looking for a 3D agency that can present your technical product with a 3D explainer video? Are you also familiar with technology? But you don't know yet whether an animated explanatory film will work for you and your product? The Animationa-Maschine offers you a free initial consultation. Let's just talk about your product and your project. Together we will work out an ideal solution for your project. You then decide at your leisure whether you ultimately want to have a 2D explainer video or a 3D explainer video produced.

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Our know-how in technology is your great advantage!

The Animations-Maschine has fully specialized in technical products. Due to the existing technical know-how, you do not have to explain to us how your product is technically structured or how it works. Engine vibrations, torque or running speed are no strangers to the animation machine. Technology is our specialty. This saves you hours of explaining and coordination problems and ensures quick and smooth implementation when creating explainer videos. In contrast to other 3D agencies, which offer a wide range, we understand technology and can implement it easily and efficiently.

Combination of 2D and 3D explainer videos

Many uses of 3D animated explainer videos

Explainer videos can be used in many different ways and provide real added value in your marketing. Once created, 3D animated explanation clips integrated on your website increase the length of time your customers stay and also customer loyalty. Explainer videos can be used excellently on social media channels to attract the attention of new customers. In your YouTube channel, your products will be found in the second largest search engine using explainer videos. And at the classic trade fair, animated comic figures on a display are always a magnet.

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Character development for explainer video

At the beginning of the project implementation there is the development of a suitable character. So a comic figure for the explainer videos. Customer requests can be incorporated here and the right figure can be created. First drafts are developed by the Animationa-Maschine and submitted as a proposal. The comic figures are developed individually and tailored precisely to the customer and the corporate design.

Character development explainer videos

Character development explainer videos

How much does a 3D explainer video cost?

As so often, the question of a specific price depends on many factors. Especially with explainer videos there is a lot of leeway in terms of costs. An explainer video can be produced very elaborately and impressively or simply and inexpensively via the length, type and, above all, the level of detail of the comic figure.
The Animations-Maschine develops your technical explainer video exactly according to your ideas and your budget. The costs are always clearly discussed in advance, adhered to and always produced at a previously agreed fixed price. Are you looking for a 3D explainer video agency? With the Animations-Maschine, there are no nasty surprises or additional requests.

Cost Benefits of animated 3D explainer videos

Gallery of 2D technical explainer videos

A small excerpt of implemented 2D explanation videos from the field of technology.

Let create professionally technical 2D or 3D explainer videos for you too!

Looking for a 3D agency that produces explainer videos? If you too have technical products or processes that require explanation and you want to sell more of them, The Animations-Maschine supports you in emphasizing your products even better with explanatory films. Contact us and together we will create a suitable 2D explainer video or a 3D explainer video for your purpose. Precisely tailored to your products, requirements and budget.
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