From assembly video to 3D training video

Fit for employee training

Even if we have specialized in the creation of technical 3D animations, there are always requests that particularly challenge us. Challenging, because we haven't yet created an assembly video for a special product, or because, for example, the animation of a high-speed door tickles the creative center of our creative. If this is then matched on both sides, the implementation is a real pleasure and the challenge of a new order or a customer is always gladly accepted.

Via Facetime to the storyboard

In the course of our company headquarters relocation, we no longer animate from the beautiful Rhineland, but on a sunny island. But with the modern, digital possibilities and of course the technical expertise, this is no longer a challenge. Today, you can get to the storyboard and the basis for creating an assembly video in a very unconventional way via Facetime through the production hall.

Excerpt from the storyboard for a 3D training video

Excerpt from the storyboard for a 3D training video

3D assembly video of gate systems

After creating some assembly videos of gate systems, in which the handling of the control boxes and settings of various parameters up to the commissioning of the gate systems were shown, the customer had the idea of using this material to have his existing training material professionally prepared. The basis was created thanks to the assembly videos.

From mobile phone video to 3D animated training video

From shaky mobile phone videos with moderate sound for training purposes, 3D animated training material was created according to the customer's ideas. Using these training videos, the employees can now access the professionally created technical training courses at any time on an online platform, in online or face-to-face training courses and also look at all the important details or settings again on site. Because who doesn't know it, the devil is sometimes in the detail and trouble-free installation is hardly possible on site, so that the technician or fitter can never focus 100% on an undisturbed installation.

Before and after training material

Consulting for 3D training videos

Training material in 3D now uniform

The training material associated with the assembly videos has now been standardized using the 3D animation. The shaky mobile phone videos became 3D animated training videos. Recurring and often time-consuming questions are a thing of the past, since the material can now be called up by employees at any time on an in-house training platform and can be viewed in great detail over and over again. You too can benefit from clearly structured training material.

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Thanks to the training video, more clarity, fewer sources of error

Step by step or finger by finger, the fitter can now carry out a reset much more quickly and clearly if an error message occurs or there is a fault in the door system.

Implementation video production - 2022

3D training video for controller programming

The fitter can also program the opening times of the high-speed door in no time at all thanks to the clear introduction to the necessary control settings.

Implementation video production - 2022

Let created 3D training videos by professionals?

Do you also have technical products whose assembly or installation you would like to teach your employees in a training course? If you want to keep the error or complaint rate low, train or even instruct your employees, then we are your partner and will be happy to help you. Contact us and together we will create a suitable training video for your employee training. Precisely tailored to your products and your requirements.

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Services rendered in the creation of the training videos

  • 3D training video services - CAD data import

    CAD data import

  • 3D training video services - CAD model creation

    CAD model creation

  • 3D training video services - Texturing


  • 3D training video services - Storyboard creation

    Storyboard creation

  • 3D training video services - Animation creation

    Animation creation

  • 3D training video services - Rendering


  • 3D training video services - Post production

    Post production

  • 3D training video services - Provision in various video formats

    Provision in various video formats