Explainer video - Company mascot explains doorbell assembly

2D comic figure turns customers into mounting specialists with the help of 3D animations

At the Türklingel-Shop, customer inquiries about the correct mounting of the doorbell switches from the online shop increased. The idea arose to develop a funny mascot that explains the most frequently asked questions from customers. Staggered in several explanatory films, questions that arise again and again should be clarified in motion graphics style. And this in a relaxed and humorous way. In addition to explaining the correct assembly, the customer's request was that these tutorial videos could also be used for social media.

Mounting different doorbells simply explained

The first clip deals with the question of what different types of mounting there are and how these are correctly implemented. In addition, there were already finished 3D animations of previously created mounting videos. These were combined with the explanatory 2D comic figure and the first tutorial video was ready. Always alternating - 2D character Türklingel-Bob (Doorbell-Bob) speaks - 3D animation shows the correct mounting.

Implementation of video production - 2020

Character development for motion graphic explainer video

At the beginning of the project implementation was the development of a suitable character. The customer's request was a figure that reflected normal craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts, and should also be cheeky and funny. The Animations-Maschine then developed the character "Türklingel-Bob" in coordination with the customer. The first drafts quickly met the customer's expectations.

Character development for explainer video

Character development for explainer video

From storyboard to voice recording

The customer provided an approximate process description for the problem of the respective topic of the explanatory video and what exactly should be explained in the tutorial video. The Animations-Maschine then developed a storyboard including the exact texts that should be spoken later. These narration texts served as a template for the voice recordings. The company headquarters in the Westerwald (Region in Germany) is reflected in the mascot's voice and dialect and looks more authentic. After these had been recorded, the animation was coordinated exactly with it. The route is the goal.

Voice recording for explanatory video

Voice recording for explanatory video

Consulting for 3D explainer videos

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Wiring of doorbells with and without LED ring lighting

In the second clip, different wiring options were described. Depending on the situation when building a house on site, there are bell lines with 2, 3 or even 4 wires. If the bell is then to be illuminated by LEDs, different connection variants and bridges are used. Everything was explained in a very simple, easy-to-understand and funny way. The 3D animations required for this were also produced in order to visualize the complicated assembly.

Implementation of video production - 2020

Gallery of 2D explanatory videos with cartoon characters

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the area of character animation.

Let create professionally character video produced with a mascot

Do you also have products from the field of house construction, installation technology, locking technology and security technology or generally interesting technical products? If you want to have your products explained and are looking for a 3D animation agency, then I am your partner and will be happy to help you. Contact me and together we will create a suitable animation video, mounting video or assembly animation for your purpose. Precisely tailored to your products and requirements.

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Services rendered in creating the assembly video

  • 3D animation services - Character design comic figure

    Character design comic figure

  • 3D animation services - Texturing


  • 3D Animation Leistung - Storyboard creation

    Storyboard creation

  • 3D Animation Leistung - Animation creation

    Animation creation

  • 3D animation services - Rendering


  • 3D animation services - Text overlays

    Text overlays

  • 3D animation services - Voice recording

    Voice recording

  • 3D animation services - Voice integration

    Voice integration

  • 3D animation services - Music integration

    Music integration

  • 3D animation services - Post production

    Post production

  • 3D animation services - Provision in various video formats

    Provision in various video formats