3D explanatory videos of a filter system

Made pictorial with 3D animations

How does an environmentally friendly filter system for pool systems, swimming pools or aquariums work? This is explained schematically by two 3D visualized explanatory videos. The advantage of a 3D visualized video is particularly evident here. A filter system was shown simply cut open. Water currents were animated as moving lines and the movements of the filter floss were indicated. The animation should be kept simple. The focus here was on the functional explanation. The background was meant to be kept clean and simple, and in this case was implemented simply with a white brick wall and concrete floor.

Filtering with PureFlow filter floss - normal operation

The first video shows normal filter operation. Water currents are shown. Due to the water pressure, the individual filter pads are pressed together to form a dense and homogeneous mass. The actual filtering is shown in a detailed display. Dirty water in the form of gray water droplets contains dirt particles. These dirt particles are stripped off the filter floss until the water is clean. This is then represented in the form of blue water droplets. The filter floss was indicated with white fibers that form a homogeneous mass in a wild jumble.

Implementation of video production - 2015

Backwashing and cleaning of the filter floss - cleaning

Cleaning the filter floss is very easy. The water flow is reversed and all the dirt is flushed out. This is shown in the created animation with small dirt particles that detach from the filter floss and are removed via the drainage line. The gray water droplets have small dirt particles inside. The further the drops fall, the more often they bounce off the white cotton fibers and become bluer and bluer. The small dirt particles get stuck on the cotton fibers. This scene illustrates very well how to zoom into detail with the help of 3D animations.

Implementation of video production - 2015

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Gallery of 3D animations from a filter system

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the field of water treatment.

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