3D assembly instructions for underfloor systems

Technical documentation for the complete product range

For the underfloor systems area, over 20 assembly instructions have been created for a wide variety of product groups. Starting with different duct systems up to a wide variety of floor boxes and installation units. Some assembly instructions have also been created in a slightly modified form for the export market. For example, other socket types were used there, but the rest remained the same.

Assembly instructions floor channels

Installation instructions for floor ducts

In the area of the cable routing, several floor ducts are used in the underfloor system. This can be, for example, a non-slip floor duct, a screed-flush or a screed-covered duct. Corresponding assembly instructions have been created in illustrated form for a wide variety of cable routing systems.

Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-for-sturdy-floor-ducts.pdf
Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-screed-covered-cable-duct-system.pdf
Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-screed-flush-channel.pdf

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Assembly instructions brush installation units made of plastic

Assembly instructions for installation units, floor boxes and outlets

Sockets in the floor can also be installed in a wide variety of ways in the underfloor system. A large number of assembly instructions have also been created for this.

Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-brush-installation-units-made-of-plastic.pdf
Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-flat-cable-adapter.pdf
Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-device-inserts.pdf
Icon PDF Assembly-instructions-compact-single-outlet.pdf

3D mounting videos of underfloor systems

Associated 3D animated mounting videos

3D animated videos were also created for the underfloor systems.
Further information can be found in the section 3D mounting videos of underfloor system.

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