3D mounting videos for underfloor systems

Implemented as a 3D animation on behalf of the PUK Group

The PUK Group GmbH & Co. KG from Berlin wanted to present its newly developed screed-flush underfloor duct at the upcoming “Light & Building 2014” trade fair. Since the development time was somewhat longer, but the trade fair date was getting closer and closer, there were only a few days left to create an mounting video. The CAD data from the construction was imported into the Cinema 4D animation program, provided with textures and materials and visualized according to customer specifications. All assembly steps were gradually animated and put together into an mounting video.

High flexibility in the creation of 3D animation video

A special feature of this project was the fact that the exact mounting sequence was changed several times by the technicians during the video production. The high flexibility of a 3D animation came into its own here. Really shot videos could never have been changed again and again in this short time. The film team would have had to drive to the construction site several times, set up their equipment, pour concrete parts, tear out the screed and lay it again. In addition to the time factor, the production costs would also have exploded here. In the 3D animation program, this could all be changed again and again without great effort and within a short time. Until everyone involved was satisfied with the process.

Implementation of video production - 2014

Two days before the start of the fair, the process of the video was finally approved by the technicians and the marketing department. Overnight, the video could be calculated image for image in high resolution HD quality at an external render farm (association of several hundred computers). Thus, as planned, the mounting video could be presented to customers on a giant screen at the start of the trade fair.

Example 3D mounting video of floor boxes

This 3D animation video explains how installation units with sockets are built into the floor. The animation begins with the assembly of cable ducts on the raw concrete floor. Then it is visualized how screed is poured and carpeting is laid. An installation unit (also called a floor tank) made of plastic and stainless steel is inserted into the floor openings and screwed on using fastening sets. For the special purpose "heavy load - can be driven over" at the end of the 3D animation, a stainless steel cassette is installed in a car dealership and driven over with a truck.

Implementation of video production - 2014

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Gallery of 3D animations of underfloor-systems

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the field of supply technology and floor systems.

Assembly instructions as a printed version

In the area of underfloor systems, several illustrated assembly instructions were created in PDF form. Further information can be found in the section 3D assembly instructions underfloor systems.

3D assembly instructions underfloor systems

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