3D mounting videos of telescopic rails

Drawer open - drawer closed - implemented as a 3D animation

Have you come under heavy pressure? This is exactly what the telescopic rails from Teleskopschienen24 were made for. Under the most difficult conditions, they ensure that drawers can always be opened and closed reliably and safely. And that is exactly what the Animations-Maschine shows in the created 3D mounting videos! As a customer order, the Animations-Maschine developed and produced several mounting videos on the subject of drawer pull-outs. The mounting videos explain the different areas of application and advantages of the individual rail variants.

3D mounting videos reduce support volumes

The manufacturer received a large number of customer questions by phone and email every day. Which screws have to be used? In which holes does a screw have to be inserted everywhere? What is the difference to the other telescopic slide variant? All of these questions were answered over and over again by telephone and in writing and took up a lot of the employees' time.

In order to reduce this high level of support, the manufacturer decided to have 3D animated mounting videos produced to answer all of these questions. All important details have now been shown in the appropriate video. After only a short time, the telephone support volume was significantly reduced. Customers can now find the associated mounting video on the respective product directly in the online shop.

Example - mounting video of heavy-duty pull-outs up to 220 kg with locking

This 3D mounting video shows the special use of heavy-duty rails, which are used in vehicle construction thanks to the locking. In this case, the telescopic rails were installed in a fire engine. A compressor is retracted and extended via a pull-out, which is assembled using item aluminum profiles.

Implementation of video production - 2019

Example - mounting bracket for floor mounting for heavy-duty pull-outs up to 220 kg

If the telescopic rails are not to be mounted on the side of a cabinet wall, but on a base plate, special mounting brackets are required. These are screwed to the floor and offer a simple installation option for the telescopic rails.

Implementation of video production - 2019

Example - mounting bracket for platform mounting for heavy-duty pull-outs up to 220 kg

If a platform is to be installed between the telescopic rails rather than a drawer, special mounting brackets are required. These are screwed to the inside of the telescopic rails and offer a mounting option for a board.

Implementation of video production - 2019

Example - mounting video - heavy-duty pull-outs up to 130 kg with locking

In order to demonstrate the practical use in vehicle construction, a cabinet with drawers was integrated in this mounting video in a service vehicle. At the end of the video, the advantage of locked telescopic rails when the vehicle was tilted was also shown visually.

Implementation of video production - 2019

Mounting instructions as a printed version

Illustrated mounting instructions in PDF format should be put together for each telescopic rail variant. Further information can be found in the section 3D mounting instructions for telescopic rails and mounting brackets.

3D mounting instructions telescopic rails

Have a 3D mounting video created

Do you also have products from the field of telescopic rails, fittings, vehicle construction, furniture construction or generally interesting technical products? If you want to have your products explained and are looking for a 3D animation agency, then I am your partner and will be happy to help you. Contact me and together we will create a suitable animation video, mounting video or assembly animation for your purpose. Precisely tailored to your products and requirements.

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Services rendered in creating the assembly video

+CAD data import +CAD model creation +Creation of the kinematics +Texturing +3D Animation +Rendering +Text overlays +Music integration +Post production +Provision in various video formats