3D animation videos of tools

Animated 3D display of product advantages

Tool case open! How can new and innovative tools be explained and presented? The Animations-Maschine shows this with patented tools for everything to do with drilling machines. With the help of 3D animated product videos, the advantages of the tools are shown and illustrated. Even though the tools were still in the development stage and not even in mass production.

3D product video for a drill chuck ejection

If holes are drilled in plasterboard or, for example, OSB wood panels with a drill bit, the cut-out material is often wedged in the drill bit. So far, this section has always had to be pulled out manually and laboriously. A new attachment for a drill bit can do this in a much shorter time. In the 3D animation, the principle was shown with a 3D hand. The animation of limbs is one of the more complex animation implementations, since a lot of joints and fingers have to be animated individually. However, the result shows very clearly how easy the tool is to grasp and use.

Implementation of video production - 2019

Variation for resellers

The chuck ejection was also included in the product range of the tool manufacturer WILPU after a few weeks. However, in a different paintwork and color scheme to match its corporate design. The existing animation video was copied and redesigned accordingly. The colors were swapped within a few minutes and the video could be rendered / calculated as a new video. The intro, product name and logo were adjusted in the video and the new video version was ready.

3D animation video of tool

3D animation variation for resellers

3D animation video of a drilling template

Every electrician or fitter on the construction site knows the problem when multiple holes have to be drilled in the wall for multiple sockets. The exact distance between the drill holes must be measured and observed when drilling. This means valuable assembly time. The standardized drilling distance is fixed by means of a new drilling template. Insert the drilling template into the first hole and simply drill the second hole without marking. This was visualized in the 3D product video and shown in a simple way. This means that everyone can quickly see how easily the accessories for a drill work.

Implementation of video production - 2019

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Are you looking for a 3D agency that also explains your technical product with a 3D assembly video? But you don't yet know whether this will work for you and your product? The Animations-Maschine offers you a free initial consultation. Let's just talk about your product and project. Together we will work out an ideal solution for your project. You then decide in your own time whether you want to finally have a 3D animation or an assembly video produced.

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3D animation created once - used several times

Animation sequences that are created once in a first video can be used again and again in subsequent animation videos. For example, in the animation video for a drill chuck ejection, the functionality of the ejection was explained in an animated manner. In another video for a drilling template, the drilling ejection should also be shown as a by-product. The animation that had already been created could be copied 1 to 1 and taken over. Once created, 3D content can be used again and again. The effort can therefore be used multiple times.

3D animation multiple use

3D animation multiple use

Product comparison as a video

A comparison was made in the animation video of the drilling ejection. A comparison that first shows the previous conventional way and how it is much more time-saving with the new product. To make this clear, the conventional way was provided in a nostalgic film frame and strikingly crossed out. It is thus clearly visible how it has worked so far and how it will then be implemented better.

3D animation product comparison - conventional type

Instruction manual as a printed version

In addition to the animation video, an illustrated 3D instruction manual was created for the drilling ejection. Further information can be found in the section 3D instruction manual for tool.

3D Instruction manual for tool

3D Instruction manual for tool

Gallery of 3D animations of transparent facade systems

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the field of building cladding.

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