3D application videos of connection technology

Simply presented with the help of animations

The Jordahl company specializes in high-quality and individual products for fastening technology, reinforcement technology, connection technology and facade fastening. In addition to several visualizations for a product catalog, 3D application videos of the assembly technology were also created.

3D application video of a connector plate for precast concrete parts

A 3D application video was created for a new connecting strap for the precast industry. With a new type of connecting strap, precast concrete parts such as columns can be connected to wall elements. This connection can both absorb high loads and also compensate for mounting tolerances.

These properties were presented as a 3D animated application video. The simple assembly of the connecting strap in prefabricated concrete parts is shown to advantage in the video.

Implementation of video production - 2016

Low production costs - quick implementation

The production costs for the 3D animated video are significantly lower than a real shot video. Especially the representation of the construction of a complete hall could be implemented very quickly thanks to the use of 3D visualization. A complete production hall is assembled in 3D in a very short time.

Surrounding scene - construction site

It was very important to the customer that the video played on a construction site scene. For this purpose, in addition to the production hall, construction cranes, containers, fences and other construction machines were used. This gives the video and the actual product visualization the necessary framework and rounds off the presentation.

Depth of field was used as a special technical feature in the animation. The focus is shifted to the product through the targeted, blurred display of background elements.

3D application video of mounting rails

The different application possibilities of mounting rails are visualized in this video. The first fastening solution shows how a mounting rail can be screwed to the wall with heavy-duty dowels. As a second option, the mounting rails can also be welded onto a metal carrier. As a special technical feature of the 3D animation, the flying sparks of the welding machine were animated here. Smoke rises, sparks fly.

At the end of the 3D video, a mounting rail with teeth is shown. A detailed view shows the inside of the rail. It shows how the teeth interlock. Such a representation can be optimally represented in 3D animations.

Implementation of video production - 2017

3D mounting instructions connection technology

Assembly pictures for printed brochure

In the area of connection technology, several 3D visualized assembly pictures were created. Further information can be found in the section 3D mounting instructions of connection technology.

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Services rendered in creating the assembly video

+Storyboard development +CAD data import +3D model creation +CGI +Texturing +3D Animation +Rendering +Text overlays +Post production +Provision in various video formats