3D sectional view of mattresses

Product properties clearly visualized

A manufacturer of mattresses wanted to have the product properties of its mattress visually displayed. The layered structure and the product properties of the mattresses should be made clear. A 3D model of a sectional view of the mattress was created and shown with the different zones. Four different properties "climate regulating", "highly elastic", "supportive" and "climate resistant" were each presented in a visualization.

3D product visualization foam climate regulating

3D product visualization foam supportive
3D product visualization foam highly elastic

3D product visualization foam climate resistant
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3D visualizations of the structure of different mattresses

The layered structure and the different surfaces of other mattresses should be shown. The 3D visualizations show details in the sectional view that would otherwise remain hidden. Different foams and layers of fabric including pencil case cores were shown in layers in a kind of exploded view. The images were needed in different resolutions for flyers and for the website.

3D product visualization mattress 1

3D product visualization mattress 2
3D product visualization mattress 3

3D product visualization mattress 4

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Services rendered in creating the 3D visualizations

  • 3D visualizations services - CAD model creation

    CAD model creation

  • 3D visualizations services - Texturing


  • 3D visualizations services - 3D visualization

    3D visualization

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  • 3D visualizations services - Provision in various picture formats

    Provision in various picture formats