3D packaging visualization of a new product packaging

Packaging design of new folding box as 3D rendering

The product design and the associated packaging design was completely redesigned by the WILPU company. Professional visualizations were to be created for a company presentation of the new packaging. Since there were no real prototypes of the new boxes, but the designed layouts already existed, 3D visualized renderings of the cardboard boxes were produced.

3D visualizations of new folding circuits for drill bits

For the creation of the visualizations, there was only one layout file from the designer as a PDF file for printing. A 3D model of the packaging still had to be modeled. The dimensions and the perforations of the folding shells for the 3D model were taken from the PDF file provided. Since the folding box has openings to see the product, a 3D model of the respective drill bit also had to be constructed.

Packaging visualizations of drill bits

Packaging visualizations of drill bits

3D renderings of packaging for saw blades

With this packaging, too, only the print file was available in PDF form. From this, a texture was derived for the front and back of the cardboard packaging. Inside, a 3D model of the respective saw blade including the imprint is shown.

Packaging visualizations of saw blades

Packaging visualizations of saw blades

3D rendering of detailed views for presentation

In order to explain the new functions / highlights of the packaging more precisely in a presentation, several detailed views of the previously created 3D visualizations were rendered. Once created, 3D models or 3D visualizations can be used again and again.

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Animation of the 3D visualizations

In order to make the presentation of the new packaging more lively, the decried packaging was animated and presented in a small 3D animation. The packaging flies in one after the other, can then be shown and explained, and flies out of the picture again.

Animation of a 3D visualization of product packaging

Crop image 3D visualizations of product packaging

So that the 3D visualizations can be used on different backgrounds, all product packaging was rendered individually on a white background. The appropriate alpha channel was output directly with these renderings. This means that the product images do not have to be cut out manually, but can be used directly without a background.

Testimonial WILPU

An absolute recommendation!

"At the most important industry event, we animatedly presented our new brand identity with newly designed product packaging and product printing including a new logo and CD to our customers.

Before that, we had hardly any contact with the subject of animation and we are still very grateful for the close and professional support provided by Mr. Walgenbach. Our goals, ideas and requirements were understood immediately and implemented fantastically in terms of content and technology in a very short time. The result far exceeded our expectations as well as those of our customers and employees. The coordinated timeline and the agreed budget were adhered to without any problems. Despite the time pressure, the collaboration was always pleasantly relaxed and extremely efficient, unlike any other comparable communication project."

Peter Eickhorn, Sales Manager
Wilh. Putsch GmbH & Co. KG

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