Visualization of 3D hands as a model

Realistic hands and limbs animated in 3D

Technical products are easy to animate. These are often static and the movement is linear. The visualization of animated 3D hands is much more complex. So to put 3D models in the right position with one hand. This is very complex and is therefore omitted in 3D animations or replaced by other techniques such as arrows or reference elements.

In a special customer implementation for a cable outlet in the floor, however, it should be realized with 3D hands. Here it was particularly important to use the correct grip technique for the individual fingers, which should be explained picture by picture.

Gallery of 3D visualized hands

Several 3D renderings of two animated hands were created to explain to customers the correct gripping technique, how to open a cable outlet in the floor correctly. The pictures explain in the respective order how a lever can be opened and finally the lid can be lifted out.

Rigged 3D model of a hand

In order to animate a human hand in 3D, the 3D model of the hand must be "rigged". This means that every single finger and every joint has to be able to rotate and tilt, but the skin has to stretch accordingly. This technique is called rigging in 3D.

Once the 3D model has been prepared accordingly, each finger can be animated individually. And even that is quite complex and time-consuming.

Rigged 3D model of a hand

Rigged 3D model of a hand

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Texture of human skin

Human skin is very special in 3D. Unlike metallic surfaces, it does not reflect, but shines a little from within. Small dots, veins and folds can also be seen.

Skin surfaces often appear very plastic and artificial in 3D. A more realistic display is achieved through the correct settings, especially in connection with the light setup.

Texture of human skin

Texture of human skin

Each finger individually animated

In order to demonstrate the correct grip position, each individual finger and each individual joint is rotated until it is properly seated. In the 3D model, the joints can be rotated accordingly and the skin stretches with it.

So that it also looks realistic, the fingers must not be twisted or bent unnaturally. Always a pleasure to take on the challenge of our customers.

3D animation of hands and fingers

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