3D product video for seals

Complete presentation of the product range as a 3D animation

To show the complete product range of the company revoseal Europe GmbH of different seals at a trade fair, a 3D animated product presentation video was created by the Animations-Maschine. In this animated product video, the differently structured flat profile seals and their sealing surfaces, and their differences are shown. The respective advantages of the different products were shown and the simple assembly was visualized.

What is shown in the product video?

After the video introduction / intro with an animated logo, 5 different types of seals and their designs are shown next to each other. Each flat profile seal is presented individually below and shown in a large view. The assembly of the metal seals between two flanges is partly done in a semi-transparent representation, so that the assembly and the position of the flat gasket are more visible. The different sealing materials such as graphite or PTFE coating are marked in a sectional view. At the end of each product description, the respective technical properties such as temperature and pressure ranges are specified.

Implementation of video production - 2018

3D product video for exhibition stand and website

The finished product video was shown at an international trade fair on the company's own stand, as well as on the company website of the company revoseal Europe GmbH. Once a product video has been created, it can be used on different channels.

Product details in a 3D sectional view

The product-specific properties of the different flat profile gaskets are shown in a sectional view. These are e.g. the different temperature ranges or pressure specifications. In this way, it is also possible to see in detail how the seal between two flanges works and seals. In the product video, the two flanges are moved towards each other, which simulates tightening the screws. In this scene you can clearly see how the seal is compressed and thus provides the seal. With other types of seals, however, it is not the metal bulges that are compressed, but a graphite seal.

Product properties shown in a 3D sectional view

Product properties shown in a 3D sectional view

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Gallery of 3D animations of flat profile seals

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the area of sealing.

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