Facade profiles explained with 3D animated mounting videos

Plastic profiles in a perfect wood look implemented as a 3D animation

Façade profiles made of film-coated plastic and aluminum profiles make house walls appear high-quality and visually appealing. In order to further develop this high-quality idea, the Animations-Maschine created appealing mounting videos and mounting instructions for the plastic wall cladding. It explains all the important steps required to correctly install the plastic panels as a facade.

Example - 3D mounting video facade profile Dekotrim 95

The mounting video begins with the creation of the correct substructure from supporting battens. Sub-profiles are attached to it and ensure the correct hold of the visible, coated plastic profiles. Ensuring proper ventilation and the correct integration of window elements are further important points during installation. Since the high-resolution print data were also available and provided for the foiling of the plastic profiles, the wood look could also be adopted 1 to 1 in the 3D animation and displayed in a very high quality.

Implementation of video production - 2018

Example - mounting video facade profile Dekotrim 250

After the first mounting video for the Dekotrim 95 variant was created, this mounting video was created as a further modification. Since the mounting of both variants is 90% the same, a lot could be copied from the first video. Only slight adjustments in the 3D animation program were necessary to show the otherwise identical assembly steps in this video. This is where the great advantage of 3D animations becomes apparent. Once video material has been created, it can be changed again and again or used in slightly modified form.

Implementation of video production - 2018

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3D assembly video - facade profiles vertical fastening

Facade profiles made of plastic can be laid not only horizontally, but also vertically. What needs to be considered is explained in this assembly film.

In contrast to previously produced installation videos for the horizontal installation type, the plastic profiles must be secured with screws to prevent them from slipping downwards. Otherwise almost 90% of existing animated films could be used when creating the animation. Especially when the assembly steps are very similar, a lot of the content that has already been produced can be used as a basis.

Implementation of video production - 2021

3D assembly video - groove base butt connector for plastic facades

How plastic facades are basically installed has already been described in previous installation videos. This animation video describes an optional butt connector for the profiles. These connectors consist of two parts which are fixed to each cut edge of the profile with 2 countersunk screws on the back. Then the profiles can be pushed into one another and form an expansion joint that can work with temperature differences.

When creating the animation, the 3D scene, consisting of the concrete wall, the counter battens made of wooden slats and the lighting set, was taken over from the previously produced 3D assembly video.

Implementation of video production - 2020

From the illustrated storyboard to the finished assembly video

At the beginning of the animation creation there is a coordination with the customer. What should be shown? Which assembly steps are important? What should be explained in detail? All of these questions flow into a first rough brief description of the process. An illustrated storyboard is then created on this basis. In this storyboard, all important assembly steps are already shown as they can be seen in the later animation. As a customer, you can see in advance what the later video will look like and, if necessary, incorporate correction requests.

Icon PDF Storyboard-assembly-video-slot-bottom-butt-connector.pdf

Example storyboard for a 3D assembly video of a slot bottom butt connector

Excerpt from a storyboard for a slot bottom butt connector

3D assembly video of a facade closure

If a facade of a house wall does not end at the end of the wall, but in the middle of it, the end must be optically clad. There are special end strips that are explained in this installation video for both horizontal and vertical installation. The 3D animation produced shows two different profile heights, as a second counter battens are required for rear ventilation when laying vertically.

Implementation of video production - 2021

Professional wooden structures visualized in 3D

Since the customer coats the plastic panels with printed foils, high-quality scans of the various wooden structures were available. These were now not only used for printing the foils, but also served in the 3D animations so that the various wooden surfaces could be professionally visualized.

If there are no textures available, such high-resolution images of certain surfaces can also be purchased and used from special providers. Regardless of whether it is wooden boards, concrete walls, textiles or leather structures.

Texturing of wooden structures in a 3D visualization

Texturing of wooden structures in a 3D visualization

Gallery of 3D animations of facade profiles made of plastic

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the area of house cladding.

Assembly instructions as a printed version

Illustrated mounting instructions in PDF format should be compiled for each profile variant.
Further information can be found in the section 3D assembly instructions of facade profiles.

3D assembly instructions of facade profiles
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