3D installation video for acoustic and design panels

Wall cladding installed in no time at all

Design panels are decorative wall coverings that are usually made of wood fiberboard MDF or wood-plastic composites WPC. Thanks to their textured surface, they absorb sound in the room and create a pleasant indoor climate as well as an attractive design. They therefore also serve as acoustic panels.
And the beauty of these panels is that the slats are very easy to install.
To illustrate this in an appealing way, a high-quality installation video was produced for the new online store of the Austrian company VALLARE Designpaneele.

3D installation video of design panels as wall cladding

This 3D animated installation video shows how ingeniously easy it is to install the wall panels. Simply saw the panels to the right length and stick them to the wall with mounting adhesive. Alternatively, the acoustic panels can also be screwed to wooden battens using a fastening clip.

Visually, the assembly video was to be integrated into the high-quality online store. CI specifications and atmospheric images were therefore integrated into the animated assembly video. The intro, credits and text overlays of the video were designed according to the corresponding corporate design.

Realization of video production - 2022

CAD modeling / construction

There were no CAD models of the products such as the panels or the fastening clips. There were only sketches with the rough dimensions and pictures of the products. However, this was no problem for the Animations-Maschine. The CAD models were quickly constructed using a design program and were therefore also available for the animation.

CAD modeling / construction

Modeling a claw in the design program

From illustrated storyboard to finished installation video

Animation creation always begins with a consultation with the customer. What should be shown and how? Which assembly steps are important? What should be explained and visualized in detail? All of these questions are included in an initial rough outline of the process. An illustrated storyboard is then created on this basis. In this storyboard, all the important assembly steps are depicted in the same way as they will be seen in the later animation. As the customer, you can therefore see in advance what the final video will look like and incorporate any corrections you may wish to make.

Icon PDF Storyboard-installation-video-design-panels.pdf

Example storyboard 3D assembly video design panels

Excerpt from a storyboard for design panels

Consulting for 3D installation video

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Image gallery of 3D animations of a design and acoustic panel

A small excerpt of implemented animations from the wall cladding sector.

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