3D video for holographic display Dreamoc

The product hovers as an animation in the glass showcase

Products floating in virtual space are a real eye-catcher at every trade fair, in image and product films for showrooms or at product presentations. The videos for a Dreamoc holographic display are produced in 3D and then played on the device. The 45 degree inclined panes and an integrated monitor create a holographic effect when the video is animated.

Video creation for Dreamoc HD3

When creating the content for a Dreamoc HD3, a 3D animation was created and mirrored and duplicated on 3 sides. The products from the concrete construction are faded in one after the other and constantly rotated. Thus, the customer can view the product from all sides in the Dreamoc display.

Implementation of video production - 2015

Consulting for 3D hologram video

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Are you looking for a 3D agency that also explains your technical product with a 3D hologram video? But you don't yet know whether this will work for you and your product? The Animations-Maschine offers you a free initial consultation. Let's just talk about your product and project. Together we will work out an ideal solution for your project. You then decide in your own time whether you want to finally have a 3D hologram video produced.

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Would you also like to have a video created for a holographic display? The animation machine also creates breathtaking animations for holographic displays that are within reach. Get in touch and together we will find a suitable solution, as well as your product in the hologram display becomes an eye-catcher.

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Services rendered in creating the hologram video

  • 3D visualizations services - CAD data import

    CAD data import

  • 3D visualizations services - Texturing


  • 3D visualizations services - Animation creation

    Animation creation

  • 3D visualizations services - Rendering


  • 3D visualizations services - Typesetting


  • 3D visualizations services - Conversion to suitable display format

    Conversion to suitable display format