3D assembly videos of shelves for mobile homes

From zero to 100 to an animated shelf system

An order just the way you like it. No rigid specifications, joint development process with the customer, who wants his product in the foreground without much fuss. CAD data was not available, so we created with zero to 100. Special joy for us, because we have in the family a passionate hobbyist and tinkerer, who just fulfilled his dream of a motor home. So what could be more obvious than not to set about realizing it full of passion and creativity?

Purchasing 3D models to reduce costs and time

In order to make up for a little more time that had to be spent due to the lack of CAD data, the animation machine suggested to the customer that he access an external database of suitable vehicle models and purchase this data. 3D models are available in abundance and thus no longer need to be created from scratch. Although this minimizes the time and cost factor, it is not possible to get by without additional effort, since the data is raw. Thus, the adaptation and preparation to the corporate design of the customer took place and the interior installation with the shelving system could start.

3D model of a box truck is purchased and prepared

3D assembly video of pull-out shelves in a mobile home

Explore the world with a mobile home. And of course, nothing should be lacking on the road. But how to store everything safely and clearly? Well, our customer has the solution. A storage system in the form of pull-out shelves. Without a lot of clutter, the idea, the product is in the foreground. Reduced to what it comes down to, the mounting options of the shelf system in different mobiles. The classic camper, a van or transporter.

In the first 3D installation video, the focus was on the installation of the pull-out shelf in a rear garage. However, rear extensions and the double floor extension are also possible variants. But see for yourself. We think it is great!

Realization video production - 2023

From illustrated storyboard to finished montage video

At the beginning of the animation creation there is always an agreement with the customer. What should be shown and how? Which assembly steps are important? What should be explained and visualized in detail? All these questions are included in an initial rough bullet point description of the process. Based on this, an illustrated storyboard is then created. In this storyboard, all important assembly steps are already depicted as they will be seen in the later animation. You as the customer can therefore see in advance what the later video will look like and, if necessary, incorporate any correction requests.

Icon PDF Storyboard-Assembly-Video-Pull-Out-Shelf-Rear-Garage.pdf

Example storyboard for 3D assembly video of pull-out shelves

Excerpt from a storyboard for pull-out shelves in a mobile home

No own CAD data?

No problem. As mentioned at the beginning, the necessary CAD data was not available. Since the customer uses product parts from other manufacturers for his finishing variants, we were able to view and retrieve some of them from their websites. No matter whether aluminum profiles, connectors, angles or turnbuckles, the manufacturers usually provide the CAD data of their products.

3D construction with standard parts

3D construction with standard parts

Consulting for 3D assembly videos

Free initial consultation for your 3D assembly videos

Are you also looking for a 3D agency that also presents your products and articles with a 3D assembly video? But you don't know yet whether this will work for you and your articles? The Animations-Maschine offers you a free initial consultation. Let's just talk about your product and project. Together we will work out an ideal solution for your project. You then decide at your leisure whether you ultimately want to have a 3D animation or an assembly video produced.

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3D installation video double floor pullout in a motorhome

This 3D video explains how to install a double floor pull-out in a side storage compartment of a motor home. A frame is screwed together with aluminum profiles, telescopic slides are mounted and equipped with storage boxes installed in the motorhome.

Realization video production - 2023

From 3D animation video to product image for the online shop

Often the question arises what to start with. First the product images for an online store and then a 3D animated video, or do you venture directly to a 3D assembly video? If the customer wants an animated video anyway, we clearly recommend starting with that. Because the product images for the online store can be generated afterwards without much effort and you save not only time but also costs.

3D product images for online-shop

3D product images for online-shop

Different product variants visualized in 3D

Different product variants visualized in 3D

3-2-1 mine the ebay variant

The customer does not only want to market and offer his products through his own online store, it should also be specifically advertised on ebay. Individual formats are necessary for ebay and also various social media channels. Here, too, it is like with the product images. Once you have created the 3D assembly video, modifications are quickly possible and can be individually adapted to the desired marketing channels. For the ebay version it was important that no logo is shown, the video has a certain length and also a given file size is not exceeded. 3-2-1 ready!

Image gallery of 3D animations of shelving systems in motorhome

A small excerpt of implemented animations from the field of furniture construction for camping and caravans.

3D assembly video rear extension in box van

In this assembly video, the assembly of a rear drawer in a panel van is explained. After assembling the frame and the drawer, both are installed together in the panel van and bolted together.

Realization video production - 2023

Have your own 3D assembly videos professionally created

Do you have products in the field of camping, caravans, motorhomes, vans or generally interesting technical products? Do you also want to have your products explained and are looking for a 3D animation agency, then we are your partner and will be happy to help you. Contact us and together we will create suitable assembly videos or product videos for you. Exactly tailored to your needs and requirements.

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