3D assembly video of LED lamps and lights

How to mount recessed spotlights correctly!

For a manufacturer of LED lamps of various types, several 3D assembly videos were developed to explain the correct installation. The installation videos show how to install a step light in the wall, how to install a ground recessed spotlight in the ground or how to install a fence light in the outdoor area.

3D assembly video of a step lighting

A stair lighting of the steps with LED lamps is a real eye-catcher. Likewise, the illuminated steps are more visible and thus provide greater safety. The correct installation is visualized in 3D in this animation video and explained in an understandable way. The wiring is very simple in a flush-mounted box. Shortly before the end of the 3D animation, various lamp attachments are mounted to show the product variety. At the very end of the video, the lighting mood is shown in a final scene with the lighting switched on.
Lights on, and the steps are visible even in the dark.

Video production implementation - 2022

Animated installation video for recessed floor spotlights

A courtyard driveway can be stylishly equipped with in-ground spotlights. How to mount and install them is explained in this 3D animated mounting video. A mounting housing is recessed into the ground and equipped with a light source. Then, in the video, different cover variants for the spotlights are mounted on the lamp housing in round, in square, in metal look or painted in color. Once the electricity flows, the spotlights illuminate the garden even at night.

Video production implementation - 2022

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3D assembly video of a fence light

A commonly used garden fence is the double bar fence. To put it in perspective, there is a fence light that is integrated into the caps of the fence posts and emits an indirect light onto the ground. The animation video shows step by step 3D visualized how the normal protective cap is unscrewed from the fence post and replaced by a cover with integrated LED light. Cables are connected and the light is screwed onto the post.
Everything is explained very simply and understandably in 3D.

Video production implementation - 2022

Image gallery of 3D animations of LED lamps

A small excerpt of implemented animations from the field of LED spotlights and lighting.

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