3D animation video of a production plant for green hydrogen

Modular container explained in an animation

A 3D animation video for an electrolyzer in a container was created for a Brazilian manufacturer of hydrogen plants. An electrolyzer uses renewable energy from wind generators or solar cells to produce green hydrogen through a chemical reaction. The functionality and the basic structure of hydrogen production is presented and explained in the 3D animated video.

3D animation - Production plant for green hydrogen

The 3D animation shows all the components that go into a 40-foot sea container to produce green hydrogen from water. And that is quite a lot. Filters, separators, pumps, PEM stacks, osmosis systems, heaters, water purifiers and a control box with monitor and diagnostic systems are all in the mobile container. As this has a modular structure, all modules are shown and explained one after the other in the animation. At the end of the 3D animation, an overall structure including the energy generators such as wind turbines and solar cells is shown.

Realization of video production - 2022

Print media design template

The basic look of the 3D video was to be based on an existing 3D visualization of a brochure. This was very reduced, stylish and kept in white.

The existing 3D visualization was created by a 3D design agency in the past, but they were no longer able to help with the creation of 3D animations. The rendering of 3D animations and videos is something that not every 3D agency can do. Animations-Maschine was able to provide quick support with its experience and powerful render servers.

3D visualization design template print media

3D visualization of the design template

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Gallery of 3D animations of a green hydrogen production plant

A small excerpt of realized animations from the field of renewable energy.

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