3D animation video flexible plastic hose

From product packaging to animation video

A flexible plastic hose for many applications made of only one plastic profile has been developed by the Norwegian company Proflex Pipe Technologies AS. A professional 3D animation video was produced to present the functionality and the various possible applications. The look of the animation video and special effects were taken from the design of the product packaging.

3D animation video of a flexible plastic hose

The animation video shows how the product works at the beginning. The plastic hose can be made smaller or larger by twisting it. Likewise, the hose can be easily shortened, lengthened or interlocked. At the end of the animation, different uses are shown and visually represented.

Video production implementation - 2022

Product packaging as design template for the animation

The product had been developed, but in marketing terms the playing field was still green. Neither a corporate identity nor any other specifications as to how the animation video should look were given. Only a print file of the product packaging had already been designed by a design agency. A gray background gradient and black lettering on yellow elements could be adopted directly into the animation video. In addition, a characteristic light beam with a glow effect was used to emphasize turning and pulling movements and implemented in animated form in the video. Thus, the 3D animation is now coherently integrated into the brand identity of the product and harmoniously rounds off the whole thing, in our opinion.

Product packaging design template for animation creation

Product packaging design template for animation creation

3D model creation based on only a sketch

The product itself existed only as a sketch of the profile cross-section of the hose. This profile is rotated 360 degrees as a loop and is inserted into each other. This creates the plastic hose. The sketch was remodeled in the 3D animation program and extracted and bent via various modules. This allows a very flexible animation possibility to animate all functions and features from the product in the 3D video. Rotate, pull, compress, cut apart, push into each other? No problem at all.

3D model creation of plastic profile

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From the illustrated storyboard to the finished animation video

At the beginning of the animation creation there is a coordination with the customer. What should be shown? Which process steps are important? What should be explained in detail? All of these questions flow into a first rough bullet point description of the process. An illustrated storyboard is then created on this basis. In this storyboard, all the important steps are already shown as they can be seen in the later 3D animation. As a customer, you can therefore see in advance what the later video will look like and, if necessary, incorporate correction requests.

Icon PDF Storyboard-animation-video-plastic-hose.pdf

Example of a 3D animation video of a plastic hose

Excerpt from a storyboard of a plastic hose

Usage of the product as single images

During the creation of the animation, it was important to the customer that the many different uses of the plastic hose were also included in the animation and shown. This was done in such a way that individual images could be created later, which could then be displayed and used separately on the website. For this purpose, individual 3D scenes were modeled and visualized in a simple way. A roof outlet was visually represented here only by a few roof tiles and a metal pipe, without having to model a whole house. Saves time and costs and still shows an area of application.

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