3D animated production videos for dry ice production

Process flows implemented with 3D animations

Asco Kohlensäure AG is a specialist in dry ice and system engineering and produces dry ice production systems and dry ice blasting devices. In order to make it clear to its own customers how dry ice sheets are produced, the Asco company decided to have a 3D animated production video created by Animations-Maschine.

3D animated video of a production plant

The sequence of the production video begins with the production of dry ice pellets, which are shaped into plates in a second machine. Then the dry ice sheets run over a conveyor belt to a saw and are rightly cut. As a conclusion, these plates are shrink-wrapped in foil with the help of a packaging machine and are ready for dispatch. To make the presentation as realistic as possible, 3D animated smoke was used. This is created when CO2 evaporates.

Implementation of video production - 2016

There were already production self-made videos, but they weren't appealing and presentable. The self-made videos were recorded with a mobile phone camera and showed the dry ice production plant in a dark, unpresentable and blocked corner of the hall. Thanks to the use of 3D visualization, the entire production plant was attractively and perfectly illuminated in the right light and presented professionally. The production costs for the video creation were comparatively low here. Alternatively, the system would have had to be completely rebuilt and put into operation in a more representative hall. The solution to produce the production video as a 3D visualized video was significantly cheaper than a real shot video.

3D animation video of a distribution concept for dry ice pellets

As a further example, the functionality of a distribution concept for dry ice pellets is explained. In the animation video, a filling machine is shown in which dry ice pellets can be filled above so that they can be portioned evenly.

A box with pellets is loaded into the filling plant with a forklift. The filling system portions this load and divides it into smaller packages. The animation also involves an animated person operating the forklift.

Implementation of video production - 2018

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3D product video of a dry ice blasting device

Another animation video was supposed to show the functionality of a cleaning device, which crushes dry ice pellets into granules and then ejects them with high pressure.

The video looks inside the dry ice blasting device and shows how pellets slide through a funnel into a mill, where they are crumbled and accelerated. When creating the animation, thanks to 3D visualization, the inner workings of the machine could be presented in a visually appealing and easily explanatory manner. The indicated flow lines show the path of the granulate through the various hoses.

Implementation of video production - 2017

3D production video of a complex dry ice production plant

The complex system consists of several filling machines and CO2 tanks that are connected to one another via pipe systems. Dry ice sheets are made from the CO2 and then fed into a packaging machine via conveyor belts. There, all dry ice sheets are individually shrink-wrapped in foil.

Implementation of video production - 2017

3D production video of a packaging machine for dry ice

The following example explains how a packaging machine works with a conveyor belt for dry ice pellets. The animation video shows a filling machine that is filled by a screw conveyor and that packs dry ice pellets in plastic bags. To make the presentation as realistic as possible, 3D animated smoke was used.

Implementation of video production - 2017

Gallery of 3D animations of dry ice production systems

A small excerpt from implemented animations from the field of conveyor technology and plant construction.

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